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Auto Transport Carriers

When it comes to transporting a vehicle from one location in the U.S. to another, you should have an idea of what types of carriers are available to possibly transport your vehicle for you. A lot of your experience will depend on what type of carrier that you choose to use and what kind of car you are using it to ship. In this helpful article we'll break down a bit about the different types of carriers currently available to you as well as links to more information about each specific type of carrier.

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Open auto shipping carriers are the most common type of carrier in the industry. Most vehicles that are transported are shipped on an open car carrier simply for the fact that there are so many on the interstates today that they are naturally the cheapest option around. Open transport is generally used for transport of commuter vehicles, or vehicles that customers either drive every day or plan on driving every day (or at least regularly). Shipping your commuter car via an open carrier is generally going to net you the cheapest prices.

Enclosed auto shipping carriers service the higher-end vehicles, especially restored vehicles and show cars. Exotic or sporty vehicles, particularly classic sports cars, are generally shipped enclosed due to their higher value. Whereas commuter cars decline in value over the years, vehicles that actually appreciate value as time goes on are generally recommended for enclosed transportation; however, you can ship anything via an enclosed container. Because of how few there are on the roads today, though, most enclosed transport services will be higher in cost than open transport, and the pickup windows are generally stretched a bit to account for the lower amount of enclosed shippers.

Flatbed auto shipping carriers are special types of trucks that are designed to haul larger freight such as construction equipment or recreational vehicles. Unlike open or enclosed transport, flatbed shipping is provided on an as-needed basis only; due to the high cost and low number of flatbed carriers on the road, flatbed shipping is generally recognized as a last-ditch effort in terms of auto transportation.

Services - Riteway Auto Transport

These are the main types of carriers in the industry today, and you can request quotes for either open or enclosed transport by filling out our free online quote request form. If you have questions about which particular carrier is best for you, or are concerned your vehicle may need a flatbed transport truck to haul it, feel free call our office at 877-688-8801 to speak to one of our live representatives. They can answer any questions you have that we could not, as well as give you helpful information and tips as to choosing the best carrier for your particular vehicle.

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