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Minivan Transportation Services

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Transporting a minivan is not unlike transporting a smaller sport utility vehicle, at least in the sense of the overall size and weight. Though built for two entirely different purposes, a minivan and an SUV ultimately serve much the same purpose, at least in terms of auto transportation – they are both larger than a normal car yet not as large as a full-size SUV; they do not weigh as much as a full-size SUV, though they do weigh more than a car; they are both of a comparable height to one another; and they both weigh roughly the same.

This in turn makes it easier for us to quote the transportation of any minivan and get it moved quickly and efficiently. However, we do ask that you still have the year, make and model of your minivan when you call us for a quote or to book your order; this is important because the carrier will need to know which specific vehicle he is picking up, as he may have more than one vehicle to pick up in your area. This is also important for insurance purposes, as different vehicles have different values and therefore are insured for less or more (the Blue Book value of the vehicle typically determines how much insurance coverage is needed on the vehicle).

It also makes the paperwork a lot easier for us. When you call us for a quote or to book your order you should also have the vehicle's VIN number, or Vehicle Identification Number, which can usually be found on the fifth-door in the back or somewhere in the engine compartment. If you don't know your VIN number and cannot find it, refer to your owner's manual as it will tell you; if all else fails, you can always Google how to find the VIN number on your vehicle.

If you're interested in our minivan transportation services, feel free to fill out our free online vehicle transport quote request form. You'll get a customized quote that was calculated by one of our wonderful transport representatives e-mailed to you shortly. You can also call our toll-free telephone number at 877-688-8801 to speak to one of our live agents, who can answer your questions right over the phone as well as take your information and calculate a quote right there while you wait on the line. We make transporting a vehicle easy; let us show you how.

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