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Motorcycle Transport Services

Transporting a motorcycle is much different than transporting a standard car or even a pickup truck or SUV. As they are smaller, lighter and constructed much differently than any other type of standard automobile on the road, motorcycles must be transported in different ways, and knowing what those methods are will go a long way to making your motorcycle transport experience that much better.

For starters, most motorcycles will be crated when shipped. This is to ensure not only the safety of the motorcycle during transport, but to also make sure that nothing else is damaged by a motorcycle that is improperly secured. Most motorcycles also must be crated because there is no other way to really secure it while it is standing; in other words, motorcycles would need to lie flat on a carrier or else be secured tightly by straps in order to remain in a standing orientation. Crating provides a way to stabilize the motorcycle while at the same time making sure that no untoward damage occurs while the truck is in motion.

It also makes it easier for carriers who are transporting multiple motorcycles, either for the same customer or multiple customers, to maximize the space on their truck and thus maximizing how many motorcycles they can fit on their truck as well as maximizing how much money they make on each shipment. Note that even with crating motorcycle transportation is generally cheaper, as more motorcycles can fit on the back of a carrier than cars can and they are much lighter, which reduces how much extra fuel is consumed during transport.

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Another thing to keep in mind is that again, while motorcycles are crated, they are usually shipped in an enclosed truck as opposed to on an open one. This is because open car transport carriers are built with tracks that vehicles are driven onto and then secured by; you can't fit a motorcycle into the space for a car on an open carrier while also securing it tightly. It doesn't work, so motorcycles are usually shipped enclosed by carriers that usually only transport motorcycles.

If you're interested in our motorcycle transport services, feel free to fill out our free online vehicle transport quote request form. You'll get a customized quote that was calculated by one of our wonderful transport representatives e-mailed to you shortly. You can also call our toll-free telephone number at 877-688-8801 to speak to one of our live agents, who can answer your questions right over the phone as well as take your information and calculate a quote right there while you wait on the line. We make transporting a vehicle easy; let us show you how.

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