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Travel Trailer Shipping Services

Transporting a travel trailer is quite a bit different than transporting a regular car, pickup truck or even a motorized recreational vehicle, namely because it doesn't have a motor on it. A travel trailer is designed to be hitched to a pickup truck or SUV (sometimes minivans have enough power to haul the smaller ones) and is a miniature version of a motorhome, essentially – though, as mentioned, without the motor.

Usually travel trailers will be transported along with whatever vehicle is hauling them, though this isn't always the case. Those that are will usually be transported on a flatbed carrier along with the truck, and how much you pay for that will depend on how big the truck or SUV is as well as how big the trailer is. You should have the overall length, width, height and weight of the trailer, and if the truck that is hauling it has been modified you should have the dimensions for that as well.

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Some trailers may be able to be loaded onto special flatbed transport trucks without the use of a vehicle to tow it. This usually will lower the price of your travel trailer shipping, though it may not be as drastic due to the special tools they will need to load the vehicle onto the truck (specifically a winch, as a travel trailer is not running). This will usually mean a smaller flatbed truck will be needed as well, which may also make it a bit cheaper.

If you own or operate a travel trailer dealership, we can help you save some money on future shipments by providing you with great repeat customer discounts. If this is your first shipment with us, let our representatives know that you are interested in becoming a repeat customer; not only will you get special deals on all future shipments, but you will save a lot of time in your search for a reputable and reliable vehicle transport company.

If you're interested in our recreational vehicle transport services, feel free to fill out our free online vehicle transport quote request form. You'll get a customized quote that was calculated by one of our wonderful transport representatives e-mailed to you shortly. You can also call our toll-free telephone number at 877-688-8801 to speak to one of our live agents, who can answer your questions right over the phone as well as take your information and calculate a quote right there while you wait on the line. We make transporting a vehicle easy; let us show you how.

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